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As of 10 June 2020, Kipsala International Exhibition Centre resumed running exhibitions and, under the conditions presented in the Cabinet Regulation No. 360 of 9 June 2020, the organiser provides the following:
no more than 3500 persons allowed to the exhibition hall at the same time, which is 50% of the total number of persons that publicly accessible space and infrastructure can accommodate. Total space of Kipsala International Exhibition Centre is 14 000 m²; • at least 4 m² of publicly accessible space per one visitor; • entirely separate visitor entry and exit flows; • at least 3 m wide aisles between the rows of exhibition stands; • publicly available information on the maximum number of people allowed to the exhibition grounds at the same time; • seminars and conferences held in the exhibition venue shall take place in fully enclosed spaces, monitoring the maximum number of participants.

The Cabinet Regulations on "Epidemiological Safety and Counter-Epidemic Measures to Restrict the Spread of COVID-19" include provisions regulating the regional, national or international exhibitions, aimed at promoting culture, business development, marketing, lifestyle and innovation.

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